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Graphic print fronts, short-sleeve tee shirt made of super soft 100% pima cotton. Each design (shown below) is an exclusive Planewear “Flying” graphic print with metallic silver or glitter detail. Imported from Peru.

One Size: 2T, 4T and 6T.
(Choose your size when you click the "Buy Now" button.)

Runway Model Love is in the Air
Runway Model   $20
Pink glitter shoe and lighted runway for little girls who love to strike a pose.

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Love is in the Air   $20
Floating hearts of pink and a metallic silver airplane for little girls with big crushes.

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I'd Rather Be Flying Future Pilot
I'd Rather Be Flying   $20
Blue skies and metallic silver plane for little boys who love to fly.

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Future Pilot   $20
Silver metallic wings for little boys who dream big.

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